December 4-5, 2017 | Toronto Metro Convention Centre | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The “test drive” has always been part of the car shopping process.  The experience of sitting in and driving a vehicle helps the potential owner get the “feel” of a vehicle. While some of the car buying decision is based on cost and options, if a car does not feel right to drive, it may be rejected.

The driving experience in an EV can be more pleasant than a gas car because of the superior driving characteristics inherent in electric motors. Electric motors don’t idle, they are completely silent during operation, and without gears there is no jerky transmission shifting.  High torque from low RPM means powerful off the line acceleration, without all the drama of a gas engine.

All electric vehicles have regenerative braking and again, very difficult to explain, harder to understand, unless experienced while driving. In addition, it is important for a potential EV owner to understand how easy it is to charge at home. As much as possible, Plug’n Drive includes demonstration EV charging stations at our events so test drivers can have the experience of plugging, and unplugging vehicles for themselves. For these reasons, Plug’n Drive likes to ride’n drive the EV’s at our events.

Visit us in the Solar Canada EV Lounge to learn more and sign-up for a test drive!


Want to dive in further on this topic?

The lounge also includes a solar car port designed to charge your Electric Vehicle – brought to you by Kinetic Solar. We recently interviewed Archie Haslauer, from Kinetic Solar, about their exciting new product and their involvement in Solar Canada 2016. You can read that interview here.


Blue Sky Solar Racing’s Solar Car

Blue Sky Solar Racing is a student-run, multi-disciplinary initiative at University of Toronto that aims to challenge conventional ideas on transportation and sustainability through the design and manufacture of a solar car. They participate in the World Solar Challenge; a bi-annual worldwide competition in which teams race solar cars built for sustained endurance and energy efficiency.


13235185_1096905450331114_5325286592019558977_oIn the 2015 World Solar Challenge, a 3000 km race across the Australian outback, the team placed 12th in the world and 3rd in North America! Most recently, the American Solar Challenge took place in August 2016 and the team placed 3rd overall and 1st in Canada. Throughout the process, students will be able to get hands-on experience to create innovative solutions in the field of solar automotive technology.

We our proud to have Blue Sky Solar Racing at Solar Canada to display their Solar Car. Please drop by to visit them in the EV Lounge.


Interested in showcasing your charging station or your EV in the Solar Canada EV Lounge?

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