December 4-5, 2017 | Toronto Metro Convention Centre | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Exhibitor Resources & Service Forms

1. ***Solar Canada Exhibitor Reference Manual

Everything you need as an exhibitor. Download here.


2. NEW Revised Early-Bird Rates for Exhibitors

From the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)!

Order booth services by November 19th, 2016 and save up to 36 percent off!
Save money and time by conveniently ordering services online!

All orders received two weeks in advance of the event will now be able to save:

  • 36% off Parking Passes
  • 22% off Cleaning Services
  • 11% off Wired High Speed Internet Services


3. MTCC Exhibitor Forms


4. Fire Safety Form ** Mandatory Completion **

Click here to download the Fire Safety reply document.  Due November 3rd.


5. Permission to Show

Very important to note if you have any electrical equipment!

Ontario Provincial Requirements for Exhibiting Electrical “Permission to Show” and “Permission to Energize” forms can be found here.

Essentially, there is a governing body in Ontario, much like the fire department, called the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) that governs the safety of electrical devices when exhibiting at a show in Ontario. If something is not approved according to the ESA – whether it’s on display or actually plugged in – the ESA must be informed by way of filling out the form and paying the fee.

This is not an MTCC rule; this is mandated by a separate governing body, but affects the tradeshow business.

Not everyone is affected by this; only those exhibitors with unapproved electrical devices. Common things like computers and lamps are not generally unapproved. It’s important to do you due diligence because, much like the fire department, there are inspectors that visit events in the MTCC building and canvass the floor for non-compliant devices.


6. Exhibitor Insurance Policy

All exhibitors must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for $3 million to no later than November 10th.

Your certificate must list the Canadian Solar Conference Limited Partnership as additional insured. Address: 1500-480 University Ave, Toronto ON M5G 1V2.

If your insurance company is unable to provide you with a COI, you can request one from this company:

Exhibitor Insurance Policy Outline and Application Deadline


7. ShowTech – Electrical, Lighting and Sign Hanging


8. 2016 Stronco Exhibitor Services

Order online at using the show code: 450442248.

Download 2016 Stronco PDF forms here.

  • Display Tables & Drapery 
  • Counters, Storage & Display Units
  • Accessories & Office Furnishing
  • Chairs, Stools, Tables, Sofas
  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Installation & Dismantling Labour
  • Carpet & Underpadding
  • Signs & Graphics
  • In-Booth Forklift Services
  • Material Handling Services
  • Advance Show Receiving
  • Transportation Services
  • Customs Brokerage Services
  • Security Cage


9. CBSA Letter of Recognition

Exhibiting from outside of Canada, please download this letter to ease your shipments into Canada!


10. Conexsys Lead Retrieval Order Form

Download the lead retrieval order form here.


11. Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations

Download full rules and regulations here.


12. Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Notification Form

Download the exhibitor appointed contractor notification form here.


13. Audio Visual Equipment Order Form

Download the order form here.