December 4-5, 2017 | Toronto Metro Convention Centre | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sponsored Workshops


Pre-Conference Session on Sunday, December 4 at 2 pm

How To Avoid The Most Common Issues with Utility-Scale Solar Mounting

Schletter has long been a leader in the fixed-tilt utility-scale market segment throughout the globe with over 19 years of solar mounting system engineering, design, and manufacturing. With offices in 14 countries, the international solar community has turned to the experts at Schletter to resolve the most challenging of installation requirements. In this fast-paced, robust market, avoiding the potential pitfalls found in large solar projects can mean the difference between bringing the power online and on target or behind schedule and over budget.

We will share a three-hour pre-conference workshop addressing the most common issues facing the Canadian market including geotechnical testing, frost heaving, cost-effective design concepts for high snow loads, code compliance, and risk management.

Attend this pre-conference session to learn about:

  • Real-world photovoltaic (PV) case studies including electrical failures and issues with ground mounted systems. -30- Forensic Engineering, Michael Guest will share the issues seen first-hand and make recommendations on how to avoid these pitfalls.
  • Furthering the discussion, Schletter’s VP of Engineering, Wolfgang Fritz, will provide practical options for the Canadian market combining the critical issues it faces and how these issues can disrupt solar projects. From Dr. Fritz’s years of solar mounting design and engineering experience, he will provide insight on how to keep your next project on time, on budget and generating reliable power.

This session will include real-time demonstrations and afternoon refreshments. Please RSVP for this complimentary program no later than December 2. Seats are limited.

Where: Room 205, MTCC


Two Half-Day Solar Power Training Sessions ‐ Toronto December 7th

December 7, 2016
AM Session from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
PM Session from 1:00 pm to 5:00pm

$150 each session or $225 For Both Training Seminars(Includes Lunch, Break Snacks & Materials)

Free Solar Canada Tuesday Expo Ticket With Either Training Session Purchase

Intercontinental Hotel, Toronto Ontario – Ontario Room

Morning Session:
Lowering the cost of FIT installs

As solar panels hit their all-time low, the viability of Commercial Net Metering and FIT projects increases. But solar panels only represent 25% of the project costs – learn from industry experts how to reduce costs on all other aspects of commercial rooftop projects. We will review inverters, ballast mounts and solar options. Also, learn about ways to streamline installation processes, from designing to permitting to installation. HES has worked with hundreds of installers across Canada to complete successful and profitable commercial installations. Join HES and a series of guest speakers for a half day dedicated to “Lowering the Costs of Commercial PV Installations.”
Cost benefit analysis of high efficiency versus low $/W modules in overall project costs
Comparison of Inverter options including Arc-fault, Rapid Shutdown and monitoring
Cost per watt for installation examples
Soft-cost analysis and how to reduce them
Net Metering Customer Benefit analysis
2015 Electrical Code challenges and solutions

Afternoon Session:
Solar + Storage Opportunities

Storage systems coupled with solar are the emerging opportunity for solar installers – just look at the response to the Tesla Powerwall. HES and a panel of guest speakers will present a half day seminar on how to choose and integrate storage systems with solar to solve the challenges of:
Value Streams for PV Storage Systems>
Grid-Tie in Connection-Constrained Situations
Storing Energy for Time of Use Metering
Residential and Commercial Backup Power
A Glympse into the future of PV Storage
Topics will also include:
Opportunities for storage based systems
Designing & Sizing Storage Systems
Monitoring & Maintenance of Storage
Cost Breakdown of Solar with Storage for Residential & Small Commercial Systems

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