December 4-5, 2017 | Toronto Metro Convention Centre | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2015 Conference Presentations

  • Opening Keynote Address: Transformation to a 21st Century Electricity System in Canada
    -Lisa Frantzis, Senior Vice-President, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) (video, slides)
  • The Great Canadian Energy Conversation: New Momentum for the Transformation of Canada’s Electricity Future (video)
  • Luncheon Keynote Address: Transformation of Communities from Fossil-Fuel Dependency to 100% Renewables
    -Trevor Birtch, Mayor, City of Woodstock & Oxford County Councillor (video)
  • Market Transformation: From Procurement to Market-Based Approaches in Ontario (audio, slides)
  • Market Transformation: Monetizing Solar’s Environmental Attributes in Alberta (audio, slides)
  • Technical Transformation: Implications for Distribution Grids (audio, slides)
  • Technical Transformation: Smart Inverters and System Benefits (audio, slides)
  • Technical Transformation: Solar Variability, Forecasting, and System Operation (audio, slides)
  • Technical Transformation: Smart Grid Integration (audio, slides)
  • Project Transformation: Project Transformation: Residential Solar Permitting in “Solar-Friendly” Municipalities (audio, slides)